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IceCOLD® is a breakthrough, synthetically engineered catalyst designed to increase the efficiency and performance of your cooling and refrigerating systems.  IceCOLD® will not only save you money but also energy and the environment, being developed as an environmentally friendly and non-toxic product.  IceCOLD® boosts the operating efficiency of systems that it is installed between 10% to 35% or greater meaning the system works less and uses less energy while delivering better performance and can be applied to most any refrigeration or cooling systems.   IceCOLD® will reduce your carbon footprint while realizing significant operational savings on your energy costs therefore IceCOLD® delivers exceptional ROI and pays for itself in twelve cooling months. 

IceCOLD's® benefits include:

  • IceCOLD® is a one time application that lasts for the life of your equipment
  • IceCOLD® is non-toxic and it is not harmful to metals
  • There is an IceCOLD® formulation, specifically for
    Ammonia systems
  • The only refrigerants for which IceCOLD® is not recommended are R123, R11 and C02
  • IceCOLD® is guaranteed to improve energy efficiency by at least 10%, or your money back
  • IceCOLD® has a successful 15 year history, with over40,000 installations to its credit. The product is fully insured against damage to equipment, and there has never been a single claim

Cool Green Solutions works with you

Cool Green Solutions will work with you to devise a plan for supplying and installing IceCOLD® that works for your financial requirements and provides you with the best possible ROI.  

Our business partners bring a wealth of experience to the commercial real estate, cold storage, transport, food producers, and transport industries, and understand your business concerns and requirements.  Give us a call or an email to see how you can start saving money with IceCOLD®.

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